Saturday, July 7, 2007


1.Exhilerated by the experience of present birth feedback,my nadi vaid advised me to get to know the previous birth to know if their is any fault in previous life.

2.After numerous times of making phone calls he gave me the appointment and told that my phatti has come.

3.Phatti is a bamboo strip on which the life history is written by an old saint Bhrigu.

4.After complete knowledge of back life history,he told that their is no fault in my past life and no action is to be undertaken in present life.

5.Thus I am free of all tension as am a clean man free of all sins.

6.Only worthwhile facts which confirm back history is giving out names of my present mother,father and wife.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


1.I can say as a user of nadi vaid that the experience is exhilarating.You can trust me as I am well read and at top most position of an organisation.

2.You need to visit a nadi astrologer to understand the wealth of knowledge hidden with them and I was amazed to find that the astrologer could let me know the exact name of my parents and my wife.

3.Through this blog I will try to post my experience with the Nadi Astrologer or nadi vaid as called in local language in order to enable people across the globe to benefit from the experience.

4.I can say with the authority that my Nadi Vaid is a real expert.In case any query contact me at